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At least 30% energy saving

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An active de-humidifying effect reducing humidity

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No moving parts / No maintenance required

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ROI within 18 months*

With the Delta-H Collector

Typical Energy savings in excess of 30% compared to similar HVAC systems ROI within 18 months* (estimated average)
ROI typically around 18 months.

10 year guarantee

No moving parts / No maintenance required
An active de-humidifying effect
Technology tested and developed in the United States and Europe
Works in any weather

The Forefront of Technology

The Delta-H Collector is at the forefront of HVAC innovation, designed to compliment the current crop of modern day staged and variable speed compressor units. The Delta-H Collector will operate with 98% of existing HVAC systems.


How the Delta H Collector Helps

The biggest user of energy in an air conditioning system is the compressor which accounts for approximately 95% of all the energy used.

By harnessing the latent heat energy from the sun, the Delta-H Collector can significantly reduce the amount of electrical energy required by an air conditioning unit. The Collector increases the cooling capacity of the Air Conditioning system reducing the compressor energy requirement. The resulting energy savings from using the Delta-H Collector lead to significantly reduced operating costs for the consumer. Electrical savings in excess of a massive 30% are normally achieved by using our technology. 41-C technologies are leading the way in reducing costs and harmful emissions whilst making a cleaner, healthier world for all.

The Delta-H collector has no moving parts and is essentially maintenance free. The Collector can be ground or roof mounted depending on which is the most convenient or practical option. Furthermore, the Delta-H Collector is highly adaptable and can be fitted to both an existing HVAC unit as an upgrade, or as part of a new installation.

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41-C designs, develops and commercialises next generation energy and resource management systems at research facilities across the globe.

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