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41-C designs, develops and manufactures commercially ready cutting-edge technologies that will shake the global HVAC establishment to the core. Starting out with its two flagship products, the Delta-H Collector and the Delta-T Evaporative Cooler, 41-C already offers a highly unique and competitive range of products which are applicable to 98% of HVAC installations worldwide.

The result of over a decade of research and development, 41-C is an innovative and forward-thinking technology company looking to reimagine the HVAC industry. Our flagship product, the Delta-H Collector, is the result of 7 years of refinement and is the first of many products that we will push into market. Our goal? Using our technology, we want to make low cost, high efficiency HVAC technology available to everyone.

With over a thousand clients already using our technologies worldwide, we’ve already taken the first step towards this goal. We aim to continue providing high quality and reliable products that our customers are happy with whilst also striving to refine and develop our technologies to make them even more efficient and accessible in future.

The Delta-H Collector leads the way. Developed in accordance with an accredited federal research centre in the United States, the Collector is guaranteed to provide your home or business with substantial savings on their energy bills.

Furthermore, the patented Delta-H Collector comes with a 10-year product guarantee, ensuring that you and your household or business will see the massive financial benefits associated with using its pioneering technology as part of your HVAC system.

With decades of invaluable engineering experience between our multinational team and a commitment to producing low cost, high efficiency HVAC technology; 41-C is determined to lead the HVAC industry into the new, green age.

Join the HVAC revolution today!

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41-C designs, develops and commercialises next generation energy and resource management systems at research facilities across the globe.

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